So what exactly is an equestrian virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a personal assistant that works remotely for a business owner and takes care of the less interesting but necessary tasks that block a business owner from spending his or her time working on new ideas, talking with clients, or riding their horses.

Imagine you go to a state competition and meet a bunch of really interesting horse owners that would make great prospective clients for your training business. They discuss the problems they are having at the moment with their horses and are excited to learn about your previous experience with similar horses. At the end of the night they leave you their numbers, or give you their business cards –and you leave the party excited about the possibilities that may arise out of these connections.

The next morning you are up early dealing with a horse that is showing signs of colic, and your whole weekend is put off kilter due to this sick horse. The contacts that were harvested the night before are forgotten, and weeks go by before you remember to follow up on them. By this point, the owners have forgotten you too. They decided to work with another trainer instead - a trainer that two weeks ago was not an ideal match. You have lost your chance to work with these clients, all because life got in the way, and you didn’t have anyone to help you out.

If you had a Virtual assistant you could have simply taken a photo of the business cards, and sent them through to her. She would have made a follow-up connection to the clients using your email – and perhaps organized a meeting with the clients, or a viewing of the horse the week after. Your VA is also in the horse world and can speak the lingo with these clients. They would have trusted her, and therefore trusted you. The conversion to a sale would have been almost guaranteed.

Here’s another one. Let’s suppose you charge your students by the hour for their weekly or bi-weekly riding lessons.
You make a note on your calendar in the barn how many lessons they have ridden and they usually come and pay you the bill directly at the end of the month.
Things get messy when students cancel lessons or reschedule and you forget to write the changes on the calendar.

Your VA could organize your client's bookings onto an online calendar, that can be organised by you via your cellphone. Clients can also see how many lessons they have taken each month, therefore you will have fewer problems with payments adding up. You VA can enter the exact hours ridden in your billing system, and could also send out an invoice a week before the payment is due, and a kind follow up reminder if they are late with a payment. She could provide you with a weekly report on the hours clocked up and let you know if someone is behind with their payment. The bills would be payed on time, and you wouldn't have to stress about whether they are paying accurately for the hours you have worked.

A Virtual Assistant can help an equestrian business in so many ways. She can organize documentation for your horses competitions or breeding requirements, travel arrangements, social media postings, event planning, marketing support, research and many other jobs.

Having a Virtual Assistant leaves you‘peace-of-mind’ and allows you to get on and do what you do best. Horses!