Landing pages for success

Landing pages have one purpose: To get people who visit the page to convert to the next phase of the buying passage. A landing page is a URL link outside of your website that permits you to choose the features and requirements important to your campaign goal, without needing to obey any website restrictions. This also means you are free from the limitations of several social media platforms’ rules too.

The landing page provides an opportunity for visual freedom – a rainbow effect call to action could get you the end result you need, even though it falls outside of your website colour standards. Colour is one of the most effective ways to convey a message and can be used to great effect on landing pages.

Do you want people to sign up for a free trial of your app? Purchase immediately? Ask for more information? Subscribe to your blog? Visit your centre?

In a perfect setting, the customer experience on your landing page should go like this:
1. Click on your link
2. Read your content (without bouncing off)
3. Click on your call to action
And that’s a rap folks …

Trust symbols are also formidable elements to include on a landing page. Some examples of these are:
Brand logos
Partnership badges (other companies that work with you or have worked with you in the past).
Reviews (Especially if these can also be found on non -associated review websites too).
Security emblems (in the case of technology)
Guarantees (peace of mind is important).

Word-of-mouth marketing is very influential, particularly given the status of social media in many people’s purchasing choices. Horse people trust horse people, and reviews are especially important in this niche industry. 

Giving something valuable away for free can seem counterintuitive to a lot of people. However, doing so can be a powerful motivator, especially when used on a landing page. 

Some of the highest converting landing pages include:

Free how-to guides 
Free trials (Technology, products etc) 
Free appraisals (First session or lesson free etc) 
Free E-books (Training, health, etc)
Newsletter sign-ups

Well crafted, creatively designed landing pages can give you a great selection of unique marketing content. 

Your landing pages can then be shared on social sites and get your business more leads (and even sales). The more you have, the more social posts and updates your team can create for them. The more links you dole out, the more traffic you’ll drive to your landing pages. 

The more traffic your pages pick up, the more conversions you get for future sales.

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