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Energy and horses

Banderas was out of control. He trotted full speed around the arena while his rider bounced about on his back close to tears.

She clung to the horn on the saddle, tilting her weight forward and gripping the horse’s sides with her knees. Banderas usually dropped back to a walk when he felt a rider losing their balance, but today he was different. His head jutted up high, his eyes were rolled back, and his ears were pinned. With a hollowed back he increased the speed, cutting the corners of the arena and threatening to break into a canter. It was an odd sight watching this huge, generally lazy horse so upset.

At this point, I intervened. I nudged my horse forward and rode over to them. I looked at the girl and asked her to take the reins and sit deeper in the saddle. Use your voice I urged, say the word slowly “Eaaaaasy”.

She turned to me. Eyes wide and scared. “EASY” she barked at the horse. Banderas didn’t even seem to notice. Her position was awkward. Physically she was struggli…

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