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So what exactly is an equestrian virtual assistant?

A virtual assistant is a personal assistant that works remotely for a business owner and takes care of the less interesting but necessary tasks that block a business owner from spending his or her time working on new ideas, talking with clients, or riding their horses.

Imagine you go to a state competition and meet a bunch of really interesting horse owners that would make great prospective clients for your training business. They discuss the problems they are having at the moment with their horses and are excited to learn about your previous experience with similar horses. At the end of the night they leave you their numbers, or give you their business cards –and you leave the party excited about the possibilities that may arise out of these connections.

The next morning you are up early dealing with a horse that is showing signs of colic, and your whole weekend is put off kilter due to this sick horse. The contacts that were harvested the night before are forgotten, and weeks go by…

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